nancy's design

Design and Build

The design and build process involves the following stages whether for a part of garden makeover, or a full scale re-construction:

Initial Consultation

I make an initial visit to view your garden and have a chat about your garden. The first half hour is free. Whether you have a very clear idea of what you want, or none at all, I can show you my portfolio and a selection of inspirational ideas, and we can discuss the way forward.

Following on from the initial visit, I e-mail a quotation for any design or planting work based on our discussions and if you would like to go ahead, the next stage is a survey....


Simon and I return to carry out a survey using digital level equipment. Soil samples, measurements and photographs are taken and the brief can be discussed in more detail at this stage if necessary.

Presentation of plan

I make a visit to present a scaled draft drawing of the new plan layout, sometimes with a couple of options.

I explain my ideas, the features and materials suggested alongside a mood board of images. We discuss all aspects of the design and I leave the plan with you to consider. I am always available by telephone or email to discuss further thoughts and any changes to the plan can be incorporated.

If helpful, Simon and I can mark out the new layout with pegs and rope as there is nothing quite like seeing how a plan works in reality.

I also offer a 3-d illustration at an additional cost and this is a great way to visualise the new garden.

When the plan is settled on, a final version is drawn up and we are ready for the next stage - a quotation for the work to be done.


Over the years I have worked with several landscapers who I know well and trust to not only deliver a beautifully built garden, but also to be a pleasure to have working around your home. If you happen to know another landscaping company that you would prefer to employ, that is fine, I just prefer not to supervise their work.

For a quotation, I send my recommended landscaper a copy of the plan and arrange a visit with myself to introduce you and discuss the work to be done.

For any additional lighting, irrigation, bespoke metalwork or carpentry, I can similarly arrange quotations. I am able to give you a ball park figure for any new planting so that you have an idea of total expenditure.


Once the landscaping is in full swing, you may like me to visit a few times to check on how everything is going which I charge for by the visit. If you would like a closer monitoring of the project, (e.g. a site visit every day), this is possible but I have found that it has not been necessary so far.


At the appropriate design stage, I discuss with you any plant preferences that you may have in terms of style, plant colours etc and you can tell me if there are any flower colours or plants that you can't stand! I can incorporate any existing planting in your garden to keep. The plan will detail all the plants and their positions in the borders.

You may want to carry out the planting yourself, or I can give you a quotation for myself to do this work.


Although Simon and I are not able to offer to maintain a garden on a regular basis, we are happy to make 2- 3 visits a year to carry out any pruning, extra planting, provide advice etc which can be helpful as the garden establishes..