Willow sculptures


These boxing hares are a great addition to this country garden. My client chose them herself for the centre of a large herbaceous border benefitting from a focal point.

All sorts of animal willow sculptures like these are available now, pigs….horses, elephants!

Sculptures or ornaments in the garden can hold special memories or meaning which is nice. For example we have just incorporated a Moai statue into a shady border under an acer, bought by my clients as a reminder of their holiday in the Antarctica. It fits in perfectly and is surveying the garden!

Such features are often a very personal choice, but if need be, I am more than happy to be asked to advise on and source them. The same applies to pots and containers of all kinds, and garden furniture. These things might be thought of as the finishing touches, but in fact they play a major role, enhancing the garden no end.

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