Gardens are an expression of their owner's individual personality and lifestyle, and my aim is to create a gorgeous space for them to enjoy whatever the size and style of garden.

My portfolio reflects the varied nature of clients and gardens that I have worked on.

An 'outdoor living' space for eating, relaxing and entertaining is often required....or an extra parking space in the front garden, keeping it as attractive as possible. Or a 'new build' garden has needed attention, to breathe life into a blank space.

A garden can be seductive whatever the style: it could be the essence of urban cool, or inspired by the classic gardens of Italy. Or somewhere in between; traditional but with a contemporary touch.... the contemporary cottage style combines clean layout lines and materials with luxuriant planting billowing over the edges.

A restricted planting colour palette can be adhered to, or perhaps a less contrived look is sought, breaking the so-called rules of colour combinations.

Garden fashion keeps moving - there is always an exciting new look around the corner, a new material or combination (e.g.rustic and sleek ), a new planting trend, (back to shrubs) or furniture style (retro mid century.)...

Or just ignore all the trends and listen to your heart.....a garden is for you, so set your garden spirit free and see where it leads...