small garden in
broadbridge heath


The brief for this new build garden was a low maintenance garden with a circular lawn, new patio and lush planting.

Design and outcome

My first recommendation for this garden was to paint the fences black which has the effect of making them recede and sets off the greenery beautifully. My client did this job this herself.

A challenge was how to deal with the existing sloped entry to the side gate entrance and instead a step was installed.

In a small garden, details become important and so a small path to the garage was designed with dutch pavers by Vande Moortel, the colour 'melange' chosen which is an attractive mixture of black, orange and red bricks.

The circular lawn is edged in the same pavers to keep the shape.

Planting consists of pleached hornbeams for privacy, Hydrangea 'Annabelle', Camellias, Ferns and Fatsia 'Spider's Web'.

The paving is a simple grey Indian sandstone using 900mm x 600mm slabs giving a subtle contemporary touch, and my client's black rattan furniture works perfectly.

'I just adore my new garden and enjoy keeping it looking good.'

Mrs A, Broadbridge Heath

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