artisan touch for tiered garden in


The brief was to make this tiered garden, on a very steep slope, more accessible and safer to walk around and maintain. Also to re-vamp the planting and create a seating area on an upper level to enjoy.

Design and outcome

The main design feature was a new pathway in crazy York stone leading round the garden with new steps up to a seating area under a pretty pergola. All edges of the York stone were hand- chipped by the skilled landscaper for the artisan touch.

Some of the larger unsuitable shrubs were removed to make room for a beautiful terracotta water feature from Drystone Yorkstone walling backs the feature and it is enhanced with a variety of interesting pebbles and rockery planting.

The rose clad timber pergola provides a peaceful place to sit on an upper level; it catches a breeze which is very welcome in hot weather. It also offers a new perspective on the garden.

The whole garden is now much more accessible, safer to walk around and easier to maintain. It's also good to look at! It is greatly enhanced by my client's choice of pots and containers, providing the finishing touches that really make the garden a delightful space.

''Nancy has helped us to create a garden that is so much easier and safer to get around . It now has a focal point and we really enjoy sitting under the new pergola''

Mrs H, Dorking

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