Naturalistic garden design for a new build in Banstead

We are putting the finishing touches to a design in Banstead for a naturalistic, Nordic style garden with a wildlife pond and lots of textural planting including multi-stem birch trees; it’s a blank canvas at the moment:

Drawing up the design in 3D really helps to visualise it.  Here’s a view as it will be seen from the house:

The design is eco-friendly as much as possible, with minimal concrete to be used. It’s generally light on hard landscaping materials, the planting providing much of the interest and structure.

‘Parasol’ or ‘roof-trained’ standard trees will help to shade the house and patio, lowering the temperature in hot summers. A louvred overhead canopy structure is also being considered.

A wildlife pond with seating will be the main focal point, to be built using locally sourced Horsham stone

An area at the bottom of the garden is cooled from the surrounding tall leylandii trees in the summer and is a lovely spot for views of the setting sun in the evening:

Near the house will be a rusty (corten) coloured water feature from

Paths will sinew through the garden to add interest and accessibility to all areas, including to a shed and compost box:

As the area under the large neighbouring Leylandii is so dry and shady, this will be used for nature friendly logpiles, wildflowers and shaped mounds of skimmed turf, the by- product of creating the new borders.

A view from the house of the pond, birch trees and swathes of naturalistic planting:

It’s an exciting project in the making and I’ll look forward to providing an update as it progresses!

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