Re-claimed granite setts driveway

This front garden in Chipstead has been redesigned to make the steps safer and easier to manage, and also the driveway is being extended to accommodate more cars. The original stone of the steps has been re-laid, vintage re-claimed bricks sourced, and to carry on with the theme, re-claimed granite setts are being laid for the driveway.

The setts were originally from Kings Cross Station, and bought locally from Horsham Stone reclamation in Broadbridge Heath, Sussex, It will look gorgeous when the job is finished and cleaned up and in this case a sealant will be applied to enhance the beautiful colours of the stone.

For some people, there is nothing quite like the real thing when it comes to stone, but as an alternative, Marshalls landscape supplier offer a man-made version called ‘Cobbletech’:

In the above example a mixture of the colours iron grey and canvas is used, which is a nice idea, as being a man-made product, it can otherwise look very monotone… which of course some may prefer. It’s all a matter of personal choice.

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