Screening for a new build garden

It’s a real pleasure when clients invite me back to their garden after a few years to be involved in the evolution of it. Gardens are never static and tweaks to the planting are inevitably required to keep the garden looking it’s best.

Last week we visited a garden in Ashtead that we designed  7 years ago.  My  client has periodically invited us back over the years to carry out a few improvements and this time round we planted an extra small Sorbus ‘Vilmorinii’ tree, some Ilex crenata topiary balls, Persicaria, Brunnera and Hydrangea, ‘Silver Dollar’.

I was struck by how well the cherry tree has grown to provide screening. It is Prunus serrula which has a shiny bronze bark and a fresh green canopy that is dense enough to provide screening, but not too heavy to be oppressive.

Looking back at the before photo of the garden, it’s now a much better view!


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