Strawberry tree has stay of execution!

Back in February we pruned an elderly strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo). It was tall and straggly, with green growth only at the tips of the branches. I was hoping a hard prune would re-shape and rejuvenate it, as it was a substantial structural evergreen in the garden, worth saving. After 3 months there was no signs of any new shoots on a major part of it, and I made a note to get it chainsawed off.

However re-visiting the garden today, we noticed lots of tiny shoots all over the old branches – this has taken 4 months!

So the tree has a stay of execution, and it made my day to see it springing back to life. It shows how long this can take; it is worth being patient.

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  1. What a timely blog! I was looking out the window at my potted strawberry tree standards which are both looking straggly as you describe. I feared pruning would just leave them looking worse still but you’ve given me hope. Would you advise I wait until next spring to have a go?

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