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Luciano Giubbilei inspired garden


Yesterday we carried out a survey (among the snowflakes!) in a garden which has as the brief, a structural,  minimalist contemporary style. My client had already sent me a ‘mood board’ of gardens and plants that she liked, which was very helpful, and while we were doing the survey, I also gave her my own [...]

Another day, another planting plan!


Mmmm another clear border ready to be planted up! My job here is to do the planting plan, and give a quotation for providing the plants and planting. My client has dug over and prepared the border, which is a great help. It is a large garden, and we are tackling the planting in stages. [...]

Planting job


I have been asked to design and carry out the planting for this garden, recently re-landscaped. I’ll be looking forward to making a start, as soon as the snowy weather stops – I am sure the sun will be coming out soon! We are carrying out the planting before the turf is laid, and this [...]

Time for Miscanthus to be cut down


This Miscanthus, here photographed last Summer, has now died back and the leaves have turned straw-like. So time for the chop! It is the right time now to cut it down to the ground, ready for the new growth to shoot up in the spring.