Another day, another planting plan!

Mmmm another clear border ready to be planted up!

My job here is to do the planting plan, and give a quotation for providing the plants and planting. My client has dug over and prepared the border, which is a great help.

It is a large garden, and we are tackling the planting in stages. We have created a  ‘white’ garden in another area near the house – now it is time for this main border.

As a starting point for the design, my client fancies 3 ‘lollipop’ Japanese privet topiarys, which is a great idea, as they will give evergreen structure and height, but not be too imposing amongst the other plants.  This type of topiary combined with herbaceous planting is a classic combination, and the repetition of 3 will add a touch of the contemporary too.

Some of the other plants on the wish-list are Hydrangea ‘Annabelle’ (a sumptuous white hydrangea, loved by garden designers), peonies, Iris, and groundcover geraniums. The colour scheme will be blues, whites and pinks, avoiding yellow, red and orange. Background evergreens such as Euonymous and Elaeagnus will be required to give structure too.

As a focal point in the far corner, 3 multi-stemmed birch trees will stand out against the backdrop of the dark conifers.

Right, I had better get started on the plan!

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