Snowing again!

It’s snowing lightly here again, and the forecast is remaining very cold for the coming week. Luckily, I have got plenty to keep me busy indoors – 3 large planting plans and a layout plan for a garden in Esher. We are fortunate in the south of England not to have the heavy snow and …

New Build planting plan

Lots of planning at this time of year! I have just completed a planting plan for a new build garden in Worcestor Park. New build gardens nearly always tend to be furnished with a certain amount of utility paving, and little else except a lawn from fence to fence. Perhaps a token tree! Of course …

Planting job

I have been asked to design and carry out the planting for this garden, recently re-landscaped. I’ll be looking forward to making a start, as soon as the snowy weather stops – I am sure the sun will be coming out soon! We are carrying out the planting before the turf is laid, and this …

Time for Miscanthus to be cut down

This Miscanthus, here photographed last Summer, has now died back and the leaves have turned straw-like. So time for the chop! It is the right time now to cut it down to the ground, ready for the new growth to shoot up in the spring.

Consultation as a Christmas present

I have just had an enquiry from someone who would like to give their wife an in depth garden design consultation with me as a Christmas present – great idea! I am more than happy to carry out out this type of visit and discussion at an hourly rate.

Wrapping up for Winter

With the night-time temperatures so low at the moment, I have been covering up some Agapanthus with horticultural fleece, just in case we get some snow. Other tender plants like Astelia would benefit too.

Steeply sloping front garden

This was a particularly successful project completed this year I think. The steps were re-positioned from originally being in a straight line down to the front door, now to the side, to create a less steep, curved pathway, easier to negotiate.  They lead from a new lych-gate style entrance to the property. The new driveway …